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Dear collages,

Serbian Wound Healing Society is starting the new activity – TELEULCER. Teleulcer offers doctors and nurses, who treat the patients with wounds, a possibility to present selected cases of wounds and to get advices about the initial treatment and treatment plan from experts. Ability to see those cases and comments on the Society web site will influence on the education of the broader public of medical professionals. Teleulcer will be updated twice monthly.

The possibility to present patients with wounds will be granted to Society members only. To be posted on the Society web site, report has to fulfill following requirements:

  1. Name and specialty of doctor or nurse who is presenting the case (those data will not be posted on the Society web site)
  2. Patient age and gender and the duration of the presenting wound (s)
  3. Patient evaluation: systemic diseases (diabetes, CHF, renal failure, deep venous disease, rheumatoid arthritis …), previous injuries, relevant laboratory and diagnostic procedures performed (CBC, blood sugar, BUN, ABI, angiographic procedures, echo, BMI …)
  4. Wound bed evaluation: localization, dimensions,   wound margins and skin around the wound, granulation tissue, necrotic tissue, exudates (volume, appearance, smell), pain, infection …
  5. Evaluation of the previous treatment: mode and duration
  6. Two digital photos (taken from the different angles, JPEG) with clear site of the wound and surrounding skin

    Send those data to: jdelic@lecenjerana.com

Prim. Dr Javorka Delic

TELULCER is currently not available in the English version of Society web site.


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